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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Custom Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

These are our linen hemstitched cocktail napkins. They are from an earlier, classic time and nobody can argue that they are a necessity. But what an unusual and impressive wedding gift. They are embroidered with the couple's new monogram.

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  1. Embroidered with the couple's monogram, or the bride's new monogram?

  2. This is a dicey question. The traditional way in olden times was to use the bride's maiden name initials, I think because she started to collect treasures while still a girl and keep them in the cedar chest.

    The super proper way (circa 1960) is to use the groom's/man's initials - but that is not very feminist forward.

    These days people usually use either the bride's new initials or a combination (bride's first initial, groom's first initial and the new family name in the middle)

    So, the right way is really the way you want!


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