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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Esty and Business - Why it is a Good Addition

I discovered Etsy ( in early 2008. It is a consortium of sellers of handmade and vintage items and a great way to supplement the success of a regular website.

Unlike Ebay, with Etsy you are permitted to link to your regular website. So when I first signed up for Etsy, I didn’t necessarily expect to receive any sales there. I would have been content if some people found me there and migrated over to my regular site from Etsy to check out the lettering styles or color options. But I know from customer communications that both happened. I have had Etsy sales and people have wandered over to my regular site to see what my lettering styles look like or what items of mine are available there that are not available on the Etsy site.

Now for the benefits — There are no sign up fees, there is a low 20 cent per listing fee to list the items (regardless of value). As you probably know, the cost to list on Ebay depends on the starting bidding price or the buy it now price. And with Etsy, the completion fees are low too. Best of all, everything on the site is handmade, so it is a great forum for my embroidered and personalized items because people who are searching there are searching for my kind of work.

My experience with Etsy has been very positive and I recommend it to anyone with a handmade product who wants to further their sales. Do let me know if you have any questions.

Initial Impressions on etsy

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