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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jingle - Jingle - The website is growing

It is the time of year for the website to grow. These make arriving at holiday parties an event in itself. They give new meaning to the term "arrive with bells" - and it gets better - I personalize them.
Jingle Wine Gift Tote

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding Gown Labels are Now Easier to Find on the Website

The wedding gown labels were buried just a little too deep on website. They are now easier to find -- with their own category and page.

Wedding Labels on the Website

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Many Uses for the Wedding Labels

Quite a few years ago we decided that custom wedding labels would be an inexpensive way to add an oh so personal touch to just about any wedding. We started with the simple satin label with the bride's initials and the date of the wedding.

see them on the website here

That label evolved into one that could include both the bride's and groom's name.

Then we decided to add grosgrain ribbon labels for the less formal bride, the bride who had a less structured dress and wanted something streamlined or perhaps wanted a label for her going away outfit.

Then, we realized that the groom was being left out and that was a bad thing. We do tend to forget that the groom should have equal billing! So we made labels for his tuxedo, suit or tie.

Then, we got more ideas. We realized that these labels were not just for brides and grooms and maybe even not just for people in the strict sense of the term.

Real Simple Weddings got wind of all the goings on and showed an example and there was mention in Brides Magazine and Martha Stewart's blog too. There is definitely a buzz about these things.

My next creations were dual color labels

and labels with lace that I create with the embroidery machine.

Brides who don't go overboard with lace on their gown have reported that they love the counterpoint of a secret stash of a little bit of lace inside the dress.

The Tiffany color seemed to be very popular so a dual color label using Tiffany seemed logical.

Brides were enjoying using them in clutch purses they gave their bridesmaids or sewn into pashmina wraps for the wedding guests (the subject of the Martha Stewart blog post) for an outdoor wedding. Mothers of the bride and groom wanted them. And fathers of the bride and groom too. Grooms put them in the ties for their groomsmen.

Brides who create or perpetuate a tradition by wearing their mother's dress have had labels created for both to showcase that lovely decision.

The labels have been known to appear in the bridal bouquet wrap and used to adorn the tablecloth on the gift table. One bride even put a smaller version of the label in each bridal shoe.

A few things are for sure - they are pretty, they are personalized, they are inexpensive and they have as many uses as the imagination can muster.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Item - Solid Color Linen Kitchen/Bath/Powder Room Towels

I found these to enrich the color deprived - great towels in great colors!

See them on the website here

New Item - Waterproof Baby Playmat

Just added to the website - A fleece playmat with waterproof nylon backing. This blanket is perfect for the beach or for damp grass. It is also useful for protecting the furniture from the fur and claws of pets. And it is available in attractive colors.Infant Waterproof Playmat

Available on the website here

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