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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Under My Needles Today - Colorful Barmop Towels

Shown here mid embroidery process is a barmop - one of nice for a weekend getaway souvenir.  In this video I show the last stage on this towel where the name is added and a brief explanation on how the embroidery machine "knows" where to put the stitches.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Under My Needle

Under my needle today, among other things, is a set of fold up and go picnic blankets with waterproof backing to be used as corporate end of season employee gifts to be handed out at the company picnic.

The company logo is first digitized and then sewn onto the front pocket of this plaid blanket.  The digitizing process assigns stitch commands to the artwork and tells the machine where and how to place the stitches.

The completed picnic blanket is a great, relatively inexpensive, way for a company to recognize and thank employees in a personal way.Video here:
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