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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Glimpse of The Embroidery Process - My World

This is a screenshot of my embroidery program processing the rosebud design that was the subject of a blog post a few days ago.

On the main screen area, I have a good view of what it is I am embroidering. To the right of this I have the choice of several views. One view shows me what are called the color stops (photo top right). The embroidery machine stops automatically, when it is time to change the color of thread I am using.

Another view shows me each and every stitch the machine will be making (photo bottom left). It is here that I can edit the design if necessary. For instance, if you liked this rosebud design, but didn't care for the bow, it is here that I would edit out the bow. Some designs are more effectively edited than others - it just depends.

The last photo shows some of the icons I use when I want to manipulate the design. I might want to make it larger or smaller. Sometimes I turn the design on its side and then put the fabric in the embroidery machine on its side too in order to best use the space I have available.

On another post, I will show some shots of the embroidery machine itself in action (in a sense!).

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