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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kidney Foundation Benefit Silent Auction

On March 14, the National Kidney Foundation will hold its silent auction gala in Denver. National Kidney Foundation Silent Auction Denver Information I am not connected to the Kidney Foundation other than one of our daughters volunteers. She asked me for a silent auction donation. I thought hard about what would be a good candidate. Since it is an elegant affair catering to a chef theme, I thought elegant cocktail towels would be a fun way to ease into the night's festivities. These colorful towels feature a stylized motif for 12 well known cocktails and the actual recipe for the cocktail too. I had these embroidery designs from a company who will go unnamed because I can't really endorse them. The designs had some technical issues and I ended up having to do some major revisions. One of the things about embroidery is that it is difficult to get very small lettering to sew well. The needle has to penetrate the fabric so many times in such close proximity. At any rate, the lettering of all the recipes on the cocktail towels was not crisp and clear and the back of the towel embroidery was not up to my standards. So I redid all the lettering myself. It ended up being quite a job between the redo of the lettering and the hour per towel it took to actually sew them out. But I think the result was quite stunning. I used dowels inserted into flower foam oasis to make the presentation basket 3 dimensional standing up in a pretty basket. A little sparkly crinkle and a pretty bow finished the look.

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