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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday Traditions

I do try to embroider for family every now in then. One of the ideas I came up with is a birthday tablecloth to be used each year that documents the theme of the birthday each year. I have a little catching up to do to get up to the current year for everyone, but the basic idea is that the child's name goes in the center of the tablecloth and then each motif, along with its year goes scattered around the tablecloth from year to year. For Kristen, last year, it was the year of the Hungry Caterpillar and I also embroidered the bodice of a linen dress with her name and the base of the dress with the same Hungry Caterpillar design for her to wear at the birthday party. The tablecloth had the same Hungry Caterpillar motif along with the designation of "2". This year's theme is "princess" and the details are in process as I write.

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  1. I expect this is year one of a ten year 'Princess' theme. :) Best expand your collection of designs!


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